How Does Recruitment Efficiency And Time Management Reflect On Employee Performance?

Especially recently recruitment process has almost become a hurdle race. As number of candidates increase for a position, it has become as hard to filter them for recruitment. So, how does the elimination process which can sometimes may take months to conclude have and impact on employee performance?

It takes a simple decision for a candidate to apply for any given position: the candidate applies the vacant position noticing it through a posting or a reference. Although it is beneficial for companies to find the correct candidate for the relevant position when the same application procedure is held by tens or hundreds of candidates, it can also create challenges related to the process.

Recruitment filtration comes right here into play; as the pool of applications are slowly dissolved narrowing the options down the correct person or people are located. But this process which may take six to seven stages depending on the position may take months and a negative affect on the performance of the potential employee. Besides a candidate experiencing the same recruitment process for similar positions in different companies sometimes may not prove to be adequate in several stages such as personality inventory, aptitude tests, group exercises and case studies.

Therefore time spent in and efficiency of each step in recruitment process for the right candidate is of crucial importance both for the company and the candidates. HumanSoft presents a software solution for companies and organizations to follow up all Human Resources Management processes easily from job posting to candidate selection, on boarding and orientation process to employee training and performance tracking end to end on computers and mobile devices. This is advantageous both in reaching out to the correct candidates among all applicants and practicality of the recruitment process. The companies utilizing HumanSoft also can follow up and manage Employee Life Cycle in a more flexible and effective manner and thus can gauge how much the efficiency of recruitment process is reflected on the employee performance.

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