HR Solutions: How To Support The Development Of Your Employees

In today’s competitive market, facilitating the development and education of your employees has never been more crucial, whether to guarantee that everyone is equipped with the skills they need to perform their duties effectively, or ensuring that your company attracts and retains the top talent.

Taking into account the events of the last two years, it has been more difficult to ensure this continued development, as remote working has become the norm and events such as training courses, seminars and conferences have been cancelled across the globe.

This has made it even more important to prioritise e-learning and establish online training programmes for employees, as other methods of employee development have been prevented by the social distancing measures made necessary by the COVID-19 virus.

As a result, numerous companies have adopted HR solutions with employee training and education functionalities and found that they’ve even been a step up from the traditional method of training employees.

4 Benefits Of Choosing The Right HR Solution

Hr solutions ensure consistency and quality of education.

With the right HR solution, complete with a Learning Management System (LMS), all e-learning content and resources can be accessed at a single source – and classroom courses can be created and delivered via the solution – making it easy for employees to access and self-start their own development, 

This is vital in the contemporary working world, where being able to work remotely has become a non-negotiable – and being able to learn and develop remotely should be too.

Offering stellar learning, development and education opportunities is a key factor in attracting and keeping the top talent in your workforce, as they’ll be able to see a route for their own professional advancement upon receiving education that furthers their knowledge and expertise in their field.

HR software solutions can provide clarity to both managers and employees.

Some HR software solutions – such as HumanSoft – allow training metrics to be set, enabling employees to follow a certain developmental path to qualify for a certain competency within the business. Training programs can also be customized to provide the training necessary for current or future roles.

More than this, the software accurately displays employees’ qualifications and competencies, allowing managers to see which employee is qualified to do what, to assign responsibilities appropriately and even guide their succession through the company.

They make tracking employee development easier.

In a HR system with a learning and development module, data is recorded regarding each employee’s qualifications, certifications and any development they’re undergoing, and is displayed clearly to allow HR staff to easily assess the progress of each individual.

Having employee development data readily available makes it easy to see where there are possible shortages in skills or knowledge, allowing managers to plan for the upskilling of their employees where needed, or highlighting employees who might be worthy of advancement.

They can save your company money.

Sending hordes of employees on training courses – or to seminars and conferences – is expensive, from the price of the in-person education itself to the fees in travel and facility costs.

On the other hand, implementing a comprehensive HR solution can be done at a fraction of the price, as your company saves on travel, instructors and more, while employees can learn and progress from the comfort of their own home.

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To revolutionise the way you engage employees in learning and development, consider adopting a HR software solution like HumanSoft, to give your employees the opportunity to grow – even if in-person development events aren’t an option – via a stellar education portal at a fraction of the price for your business.

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