HR Automation: Human Resources Chatbots And Employee Engagement

HR chatbots automate tasks that could take hours to complete manually.

Specifically, chatbots facilitate communication and ultimately improve team member engagement. For instance, say an employee submits a request for a specific document. Where it might take an HR manager several hours to respond, the chatbot can address the matter in minutes. 

This makes workers feel more connected to their now readily-available human resources managers—but the benefits of chatbots don’t end there. 

What Are Human Resources Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer-programmed machines users may find on a number of websites, or even internally at their own companies. They use artificial intelligence to mimic a human conversation.

Generally, bots are used to retrieve information, solve problems, and take on the early stage of a conversation so that HR staff only have to step in when necessary. Powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology, bots use natural language to communicate through messaging or mobile apps, websites, or even by phone.

HR bots are essentially trained to simulate the role of human resources team members. We’ll explore this in the following sections.

Why Use HR Chatbots?

From onboarding to managing queries, there are a number of reasons for HR departments to use chatbots. Again, they’re designed to carry out repetitive tasks so HR managers can focus on more strategic challenges like reducing turnover.

Here are some of the advantages of using chatbots in a human resources environment:

  • Automated Processes

Human resources chatbots can screen candidates, schedule interviews, and essentially oversee the entire administrative side of the recruitment process. Training and even attendance and goal tracking can be easily automated with chatbots as well. 

  • Seamless Referrals

Did you know that many HR chatbots are programmed to request (and accept) team member referrals? This is a great way to leverage the network of your existing staff, and to shed light on any vacancies you may have at the company. 

  • Employee Support

Not all questions can be googled. Simultaneously, not all questions need to go through an HR manager. Instead, HR departments can upload frequently-asked questions directly to their chatbot and train the bot to deliver answers at any time.

  • Easy Access

HR chatbots simply make human resources departments more accessible. With instant, accurate responses available in just a few clicks, team members don’t need to worry about scheduling meetings or sending an email that slips through the cracks. HR bots are truly empowering in this way.

Chatbots are known to boost employee engagement—enhancing team members’ view of the company and helping them feel more connected to the organization. A positive outlook is vital to employee satisfaction, and chatbots show team members just how much the HR department values their interactions and input.

Connect With HumanSoft Today

Built on the low-code, no-code Microsoft Power platform, HumanSoft brings peace of mind to HR professionals and organizations. Our process-driven solution offers a chatbot, mobile-ready system with AI models, robotic process automation, and a full suite of other pillars designed to help you thrive.

Consider it your all-in-one human resources technology solution—customizable based on your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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