HR Hiring Process: How To Acquire The Top Talent

The quality of any business is determined, in large part, by the people who make it up, meaning that a flawless recruitment process – from sourcing to offboarding – is vital to a company’s success.

Though it’s often overlooked as an area for improvement, enhancing and streamlining the recruiting process is essential to allow you to acquire the best people for your company.

How Can A Company’s Recruitment Process Put Some Prospects Off?

A large factor preventing companies from acquiring the best talent is the length of their recruitment process, which takes around 3 weeks or more on average.

However, the best candidates don’t have to accommodate a slow recruitment process – they’re bound to receive prompt offers from attractive companies that know the highest quality prospects are snapped up quickly. 

This means that organisations slower to hire probably won’t be considered, as the top candidates make their decisions from a selection of companies who got there first.

What’s more: a slow, disorganised recruitment process, in which candidates have to carry out excessive admin, says bad things about your company and the experience they can expect to have while working there. 

How Else Can Bad Recruiting Lead To Missing Out On The Top Talent?

In addition to actively deterring talent, a human-led recruitment process is hindered by other factors.

Recruiters will often spend only a minute – or, in many cases, a few seconds – with a resume before moving onto the next one, meaning that qualified, highly skilled candidates may be overlooked or missed as a result of human error.

How Can You Streamline Your Recruitment Process To Secure The Best Candidates?

Without the help of a comprehensive HR software solution, the recruitment process can take a long time, demanding much of the attention of your HR team as they peruse through countless resumes and schedule numerous interviews, when they could be spending this time more usefully within your company.

In addition to repelling candidates, a recruitment process like this drains the time of your HR staff and may even require you to hire more personnel, both of which cost your business money.

With the help of the Microsoft Power Platform, HR solutions such as HumanSoft are able to provide a customizable job portal that delivers an efficient, hassle-free experience for potential candidates.

With features such as resume parsing, intelligent HR solutions can quickly filter through data and select appropriate candidates, automatically moving them to the next stage of the recruitment process. 

When searching for a HR software solution, you’ll want to choose a solution that’s customizable, allowing you to set expectations and define the parameters of your ideal candidate when sourcing. 

Then, intelligent HR solutions will employ machine learning algorithms that automatically eliminate and select candidates based on the skills and qualifications required of each job position.

With HumanSoft, you can configure the stages of recruitment based on the position requirement, meaning that the HR software can use different approaches for different types of candidate. Moreover, when candidates apply for a job via an intelligent HR software solution, their data can be stored in a database. So, when positions free up at your company in the future, candidates that applied for other past positions can be considered and selected if they’re qualified for the role.

Of course, the recruitment process doesn’t end once candidates have been selected, so you should look for a HR solution with onboarding and offboarding capabilities – even better is the ability to customise each step to provide a seamless candidate experience from start to finish.

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HR Hiring Process: How To Acquire The Top Talent

The quality of any business is determined, in large part, by the people who make it up, meaning that a flawless recruitment process – from sourcing to offboarding – is

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