HR Solutions: How To Grow Your Business With The Right HR Technology

With the growing shift toward remote work, the employee experience is now more important than ever.

Human resources tech is no exception. In line with this, HR managers have started exploring new ways to increase productivity and employee support. Ultimately, they’re working to invest in solutions that elevate the employee experience.

Why Does The Employee Experience Matter?

The employee experience is crucial to a healthy work environment. HR should note that satisfied employees are approximately 20% more productive. They also take fewer sick days and perform better, elevating company performance as a result. 

A key reason for this is that with the support they expect, teams actually want to come to work. Human resources leaders, who are responsible for making sure employees work in the company’s best interest (and vice versa), must keep this in mind when selecting the right tech.

Of course, productivity isn’t the only reason HR should prioritize the employee experience. There are also financial incentives for investing in your teams. In the U.S. alone, disengaged team members cost businesses over $450 billion per year.

For the best results, HR should design systems for their teams. From creator and productivity tools, to employee support initiatives, there are a range of options available.

The Employee Experience In HR Tech

42% of workers stated their company culture faltered during the pandemic. Some businesses, however, have taken this time as an opportunity to undergo digital transformation—to elevate their HR tech and put the employee experience at the center of their approach. 

Here are three essential components of the employee experience in HR tech:

  • Employee support

The right data analysis tools will collect information involving everything from performance to employee well-being. These systems can then use touch-points like performance evaluations to assess the impact company decisions have on the employee experience. Machine learning is paramount here—and employee support tools that use it can make employees feel supported in their journey.

  • Self-service portal experience

Employee self-service (ESS) portals are digital tools team members can use to retrieve information from a central place. Some organizations use them to share department or company-wide information, while others offer well-organized HR insights. With information consolidated all in one place, ESS portals help to increase efficiency, elevate communication, and improve the employee experience.

  • Help desk experience

Organize tasks and resolve issues quickly with a seamless HR help desk. This technology is designed to help teams resolve issues from requesting time off to reporting an incident. Workers can also use the system to inquire about benefits, payroll, and other details. The desk can standardize information and help solve problems quickly—efficiency and employee satisfaction are simply an added bonus.

Connect With HumanSoft Today

Built on the low-code, no-code Microsoft Power platform, HumanSoft brings peace of mind to HR professionals and organizations. Our process-driven solution offers a chatbot, mobile-ready system with AI models, robotic process automation, and a full suite of other pillars designed to help you thrive.

Consider it your all-in-one human resources technology solution—customizable based on your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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