The Benefits Of Low-Code Platforms For HR Professionals

Should human resources teams work manually or code their own software solutions? 

The truth is that they don’t have to rely on either one of these two options. Instead, there are simple, comprehensive solutions right at their fingertips—and these platforms are now more accessible than ever before.

HR teams ultimately benefit from simplified, easy-to-use systems without the need for IT involvement. In line with the do-it-yourself movement, they’re turning to tools that require little, if any, programming experience. These are low-code platforms, and they represent the future of HR tech.

What Is A Low-Code Platform?

A low-code platform is a software solution designed to help HR teams move beyond spreadsheets, yet still take technology into their own hands. 

By curating a low-code HR solution, human resources professionals can stop relying on overworked IT teams or costly consultants, and start creating their own systems that work for them. Drag-and-drop tools and seamless templates make it easy for beginning developers to create their own HR applications.

Efficient workflows, increased autonomy, and a better grasp of data analytics are all at the center of these platforms. From new-hire onboarding and managing documents, to conducting data analysis and sending emails across multiple departments, these platforms let HR staff customize processes that have historically been complex.

Benefits Of Low-Code Platforms

Eliminating data silos is integral to a successful HR team. So is embracing digital transformation.

It’s no wonder, then, that the market for low-code platforms is slated to increase to $45.5 billion by 2025—up over $30 billion from 2020. As more teams realize they can customize their own technology solutions, low-code platforms will continue to increase in popularity.  

Enter the benefits of these platforms, which include:

  • Empowering team members

Low-code platforms feature intuitive interfaces that let team members create their own apps as “citizen developers,” curated to their unique business requirements. Since HR professionals can easily pinpoint their goals and challenges, they can use these platforms to feel empowered, all while designing their own efficient systems.  

  • Reflecting any budget

It’s no secret that different HR teams have different budgetary restrictions. Low-code platforms are often priced per user, per month, with multiple tiers available. They can be customized to accommodate even the most limited HR tech budgets, helping organizations save money on consultants and more complex software requirements. 

  • Addressing HR challenges

Human resources professionals know the pain-points of their industry. Spreadsheets are complex, time-consuming, and prone to human error. Building a custom CRM or dashboard far too often depends on overburdened IT workers’ availability. A low-code solution, however, eliminates these roadblocks and allows HR workers to take charge of their own job tasks. 

In companies from across the globe, human resources teams are embracing efficient software solutions that don’t require extensive development experience. Low-code platforms are paving the way for the future of work, creating new processes and standards, and letting HR staff build their own solutions. 

Connect With HumanSoft Today

Built on the low-code, no-code Microsoft Power platform, HumanSoft brings peace of mind to HR professionals and organizations. Our process-driven solution offers a chatbot, mobile-ready system with AI models, robotic process automation, and a full suite of other pillars designed to help you thrive.

Consider it your all-in-one human resources technology solution—customizable based on your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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